Transparency is one of the founding cornerstones of Skylight IPV. We firmly believe that transparency facilitates trust with our clients and this is why we are always open in our conversations and why we publish all of the input data and methodologies used in the generation of our results.

In analytical systems the transparency of data sources is crucial for a number of reasons:

  • It facilitates trust (as already mentioned). When users can see how the data was collected, processed, and analysed, they are more likely to trust the results.
  • It enables accountability. Transparent data sources permit easier identification of errors, biases, and other issues in the analysis enabling users to take corrective actions and improve the quality of the analysis.
  • It ensures accuracy and reliability. Opaque data sources are difficult to validate and verify the accuracy and reliability.
  • It enables reproducibility. Allowing others to reproduce any analysis is key to validating results. Without transparency the analysis cannot be replicated making it impossible to determine the veracity of any results.

Without transparency you run the risk of using inaccurate, incomplete, biased (intentionally or unintentionally) or questionable data in your decision-making which can lead to financial losses, missed opportunities and reputational damage.


And so at Skylight IPV we do our utmost to follow best practice for transparency.

  • We provide, on an anonymised basis, all of the data that were used in the constitution of the results – including rejected data. Users can judge every data point and cleaning decision for themselves and can even recalculate the consensus using their own methodologies.
  • We provide comprehensive documentation on our data collection, cleaning and processing methods.
  • We are always happy to give one-to-one demonstrations of our analytical systems to demonstrate methodologies and answer any concerns a user may have with the results.

The trust of our clients is important to us so we are happy to empower them with the tools to hold us to account.

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PS. In the interests of transparency this article was written with the aid of ChatGPT.