Why are so many institutions choosing Skylight IPV for their valuation needs?

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Quite simply put, these are the top 10 reasons that our clients tell us set us apart:


We believe full transparency helps build the best relationships. That's why we give our clients access to all of the submitted data and don't hide behind "black-box" methodologies.


Skylight IPV does not maintain any derived data rights on client data or the resultant consensus data.

Clients' data cannot be used or sold, either directly or indirectly, and clients maintain the right to monetise their own data.

Market Makers

Skylight IPV actively targets the largest OTC market-makers as contributors for each service. 

By only targeting the active participants, the Skylight IPV consensus will always be the most accurate reflection of the inter-bank OTC market.

Price Challenges

Due to the transparent nature of the service all data can be easily viewed - including rejections. 

Clients can immediately analyse the distribution of prices. Long, drawn-out price challenge processes are unnecessary.

Transaction Data

Skylight IPV has partnered with a number of key vendors to provide transaction data that is incorporated into our visualisation platform. 

Clients receive instant feedback and can perform back-testing and liquidity analysis thus helping to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Value For Money

Skylight IPV charge a flat rate at a price point that is attractive to market makers. 

Fees are simple to understand as there is only one data licence and no incremental costs for adding users.


The Skylight IPV team have unrivalled experience in IPV and the development and provision of consensus services.

As subject matter experts we can quickly develop new services and features which are relevant to client's needs.

Customer Relationships

Skylight IPV places huge value on client relationships and the Product team enjoy meeting regularly with clients.

We give clients a dedicated point of contact so that there is always someone they can speak to directly.

Interactive Analysis Toolkit

Combining our highly experienced development team and product specialists results in an intuitive UI with reliable and stable performance.

A comprehensive set of features are built into our visualisation platform and the platform is the same for the client and Skylight IPV analysts making conversations simple and meaningful.


All interactions with our website and API are logged and reported.

Clients maintain full autonomy over the level of access granted for the function and level of the user.

Locations and activity are monitored with a full audit trail available.

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