Transaction Data Partners

Front-office teams have multiple sources of pricing information that they see in real-time throughout the day. However, much of that data washes straight though the system and is not collected in a way which allows the back / middle office functions to gain access. As such the valuation control teams are at a disadvantage when discussing their IPV results with the front-office, through a lack of access to the same information. This disparity in the information flow regularly makes the discussions around the IPV results painful and time consuming.

In response to this, and to assist with regulatory conversations, Skylight is helping IPV teams by collecting supporting information from multiple sources and providing it in one consistent format that is quickly and easily accessible. Skylight is therefore partnering with a number of third-party data vendors in order to bring together complementary data sets to provide an unprecedented level of transparency into the IPV process.  Our partners are listed below. provides Options traders with AI generated forecast signals to identify risks and opportunities in the market. also distribute Market Data: intra-day quotes, calibrated volatility and trade reports.

As part of DTCC’s Global Trade Repository service (GTR) DTCC Data Repository (U.S.) LLC (“DDR”) provides transaction reporting services for derivatives in the U.S. and Canada. DDR is registered as a Swap Data Repository (SDR) with the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), a registered Security-Based Swap Data Repository (SBSDR) with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and is authorized by Canadian regulators to provide derivatives reporting services in all Canadian provinces and territories.

Evolution Markets acts as an efficient and unbiased broker for environmental and energy commodity markets. They assist participants in hedging against price exposure and minimizing the risks of volatility through the execution of trades either in the over-the-counter marketplace or directly on commodity exchanges.  

Their global brokerage services combines efficient transaction environments with access to up to the minute market information to customers in global commodity trading markets to provide the best execution possible.

Fenics Market Data (“FMD”) is the exclusive distributor of data, including but not limited to, the flagship FMD packages for BGC Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:BGC) and its affiliates (“BGC Group Entities”), a leading global brokerage group of companies servicing the financial markets through many brands including, but not limited to: BGC, GFI, RP Martin, Amerex, Aurel BGC, Aurel, Sunrise, Remate, BGC Liquidez, Poten & Partners, Ginga and Perimeter Markets.

SpiderRock Data & Analytics combines comprehensive derivatives expertise and world-class technology to provide data and analytics services for fund advisors, traders, researchers, and other investment institutions.


SpiderRock specialise in raw and normalised market data feeds designed to provide superior analytics with flexible API access.


Their robust historical datasets updated daily from live markets are ideal for research, back-testing, and making data-driven decisions.

TraditionData provides consistent, high-quality OTC financial market data that reflects real price interest in global OTC swaps markets, covering FX & Money Markets, Interest Rate Derivatives, Credit & Fixed Income, and Energy & Commodities.
TraditionData is part of Tradition (Compagnie Financière Tradition S.A. (SWX: CFT)), one of the world’s largest interdealer brokers in over-the-counter financial and commodity products. Tradition’s long history of managing pricing liquidity and trade execution across multiple asset classes in vanilla and complex products in primary and emerging markets enables TraditionData to access prices in many of the world’s most dynamic and traditionally opaque markets.

For more than fifteen years Vectalis has been using its expertise to enhance and support the day-to-day OTC Equity Derivative workflow. From the front office to the back office, from the trading desk to the risk department, from investment banks to portfolio valuators, from EMEA to APAC, Vectalis is seen as a partner of choice.